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DID Myths

 Myths About Dissociative Identity Disorder

There are so many misconceptions about Dissociative Identity Disorder and how people with DID experience everyday life. From movies like Split that spread false information to the many internet articles that are full of misinformation. We, with the collaboration of various systems are here to highlight the myths about Dissociative Identity Disorder, dispel the myths about DID and educate others on the complexity of DID.

Myth: “People with DID are dangerous and scary” -Sadie

This is one of the most common misconceptions that we have heard. Now, this being said. we aren’t saying that all people with DID are good. We have dated someone who wasn’t good and was abusive who had DID. What we are discussing is that most people with DID aren’t scary or dangerous. Most people with DID are far more likely to harm themselves that others.

Myth: You have to dress differently and sound different every time a part fronts.

“The answer would be NO not necessarily as a switch could take place at anytime of the day and you might already be dressed and the “voice/tone” might need to sound the same to protect the body/system” -Mel

Myth: “You can never remember what happened and what was being said when someone else was fronting. If you remember anything at all, you're fake or lying and it means it was you all along and no alters.” -Alex