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Article 1: DID 101

We understand that finding out you have DID can be very hard and shocking. We hope this article helps break down some basic terms and tips on how to cope.


Article 4: Communication 101

We know that communication in a system is hard and at times can be frustrating but we know that communication can be rewarding. We hope that you find this information useful on how to start the beginnings of a healthy system.


Article 2: Trust 101

Trust is a key to gaining knowledge about your system and knowledge about your innerworld. Gaining trust is important and we hope that these tips will help you understand how important trust is in a system.

Article 5: Self-Care 101

Self-care is a thing that many struggle with. We struggle as well and felt that we could share some of the things we do to help make self-care a normal part of your day to day life.


Article 3: Safety 101

As a system, you have survived. You are alive but how do you establish system safety in your own home alone, with roommates, etc. Here are some things that we have found extremely helpful in helping the system recognize that they are safe.