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System Reccomendations

 System Recommendations:

Texting apps:

These are the apps we have found useful. These apps are in the Apple Store so, if they are not in your app store we apologize.

  • Fake Chat Story is our personal favorite as it is super easy to use and is easy to switch to and from persons in the conversation.

  • TextingStory is another app. Not our personal favorite but it still does function for communicating between alters.

  • SelfTalking is an app that was supposedly created for those with DID to communicate with one another. The app itself is definitely tricky to figure out and not our personal favorite.

Organization apps:

  • UpWord is a notebook app that allows you to create several folders, and even put folders inside other folders! It also has an option to add reminders to each note in the app, which can be useful!

  • Daylio is a mood and activity tracker with monthly stats. This is one of our personal favorites for keeping track of alter activities each day, especially for alters who are a bit shy since leaving notes is optional—most everything can be logged with just tapping the icons. You have an unlimited amount of activities you can add so we personally have added alters’ names as “activities” to make things easy.

For more information on how we use the organization apps for our system, click here.