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Why the statement “There’s no such thing as bad alters.” is incorrect.

You may have read the title of the title of this article in shock. In fact, we are a bit nervous to write this, let alone publish it. We once thought that this statement was true. We once clung to the idea that every alter could be transformed into a better person. It was hopeful and it made us feel for the not so great members of our system. Yet, the more we talked to people and listened and learned about their system, we started to feel as though not everyone can be transformed into a better version of themselves. It all starts with the basic principle that you can tell a person that what they are doing isn’t right or isn’t ok but they have to realize that themselves and want to change. If an alter never wishes to change their ways, they won’t. Now all of this being said that doesn’t mean that everyone with the label of persecutor is inherently a terrible person. Some are misguided and can be transformed if someone is there to listen to them and try to help them. Yet for the ones